Anesthesia Machine

  • Breathing circuit with CO2 bypass valve, which supports CO2 canister exchange during surgery.
  • Information message displayed on screen to confirm the correct assembly of a CO2 canister.
  • Information message displayed for the correct assembly of a breathing circuit to provide safety confirmation.
  • Multi-selectable display on a colorful LCD screen.
  • Contemporary and ergonomic considerations.
  • Electronically-controlled and pneumatically-driven ventilator.
  • VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV and Manual modes.
  • Allowing conjunction with up to 2 vaporizers.
  • On EX-35, minimum TV down to 20mL, making it suitable for patients from infants to adult without changing the breathing circuit.
  • External module for sidestream EtCO2 and Anesthetic Agents measurement for EX-35.
  • Meets versatile applications, especially for low-flow anesthesia.
  • Compatible with Mindray patient monitors with a pre-designed mounting kit.